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Beer Garden

Beer Garden

Welcome to our Outdoor Beer Garden! 

UPDATE (4/15): The Beer Garden is fully open for the summer! This area is designed for walk-in and overflow seating with an outdoor food truck and 20 fresh beers on tap. Menus and hours listed below:


If you would like a reservation for the restaurant, click HERE.

For questions and concerns, please email info@dustbowlbrewing.com

Beer Garden Pour List

Looking for another pour? Our Beer Garden bar is open for additional pours after you have ordered your meal. Simply walk up to the bar area to order. See what's available below. Note: food must be ordered with beer so if you haven't ordered food yet, please do so before ordering a beer.

Beer Garden House Drafts

12th Anniversary BA Ale
We opted to run a single brew for this years barrel aged Anniversary beer. Soul Crusher is the star this year, aged in bourbon barrels. The brown sugar, dark fruits, and rum cake character are balanced by subtle oak notes and warming alcohol. We made it 12 years! Rejoice!
The Music Man series continues with this version of Buck, a double hazy with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo.
California Golden Ale
This Golden Ale is approachable and satisfying. The crisp, refreshing taste will have you reaching for another no matter what the season.
Dust Bowl Days
Dust Bowl Days is a light bodied, easy drinking German-inspired lager with light hop character and crisp malt foundation. This version takes an American turn with the addition of Simcoe hops.
Festbier, sometimes called Wiesn, Festibiere or Oktoberfestbier is a lighter version of the dark of our original Oktoberfest.
Hair Envy
Aromas of passionfruit and lemongrass lead to a refreshing and slightly tart finish.
Hobo Pilsner
This German-style Pilsner uses Pilsner malt along with Magnum and Hallertau hops to create a light-flavored, crisp, hoppy lager. Light malt flavors and grainy aroma are complemented by spicy and lemon-like hop notes. The finish is medium-dry with a pleasant, moderate bitterness.
Hops of Wrath IPA
Our flagship IPA uses a variety of hops to create layers of hop flavor and aroma. Citrus and floral notes are upfront, and an assertive, yet not overpowering, bitterness balances the malt base. This is an easy drinking IPA for hop heads everywhere!
Kash Crop - Raspberry
The familiar deliciousness of Kash Crop with a fruit flavor courtesy of raspberry puree.
Kash Crop Orange Mango Blonde
The big aromas of orange and mango make this an inviting thirst quencher.
Nitro Stout
Coffee and chocolate forward with subtle hop aroma and flavor and a creamy texture.
POG Seltzer
Peace, Love & Haze
Flavors of pineapple, guava and orange make this hazy an easy drinking tropical delight.
Pineapple Grenade
This higher strength seltzer is bursting with Pineapple aroma and flavor.
Strawberry Blonde Ale
We took our refreshing blonde ale and added a punch of strawberries for a crisp, fruity flavor.
Taco Truck Amber
Smooth amber lager that blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness. Rich malty character with light body and smooth finish.
Taco Truck Lager
Clean, crisp character with slight sweetness, light body, smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness.
Science will try to tell you that the human tongue cannot detect more than 80 IBU of bittering; however, this hop-centric Imperial IPA certainly will not leave you wanting for more. Big, bold hop aromas and flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and apricot are bracketed by malty sweetness.
Tomorrow's Clear
This IPA is focused on tropical fruit aromas & a smooth bitterness. Specialty malts add a layer of sweetness & Vermont ale yeast helps accentuate the hops with pineapple notes.
Wheat Beer
Our take on the classic American wheat beer, this unfiltered ale has a clean wheat and malt aroma

Beer Garden Guest Tap

Wine List

[REDS] | Louis Martini - Cabernet | [WHITE] Cupcake - Chardonnay l Rombauer - Chardonnay | Justin - Sauvignon Blanc (BUBBLES) | La Marca - Prosecco